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Kuwayama Corporation at the 34st International Jewellery Tokyo

Kuwayama Corporation, the leading Japanese integrated jewellery company ( Head Office : Taito-ku, Tokyo and President/CEO : Takahiro Kuwayama ) will duly exhibit at the 34st International Jewellery Tokyo-fair, the largest Japanese jewellery trade show, from January 11th - 14rd at Tokyo Big Sight. ( Booth NO. 16-5 )

Kuwayama Corporation Pearl ( Booth NO. 2-9 ) will present a wide range of Akoya Pearl, Black Butterfly and White Pearl products. The exquisite Amami golden pearls, an exclusive Kuwayama product, will also be on display.


The Artistry Collective

A new vision of the jewellery industry, stimulate the imagination of creators.

11th - 14th January 2023

At the 34th International Jewellery Trade Show (IJT), Kuwayama Co., Ltd. will present a new collection under the theme of "The Artistry Collective", a new attempt within the industry that present the beauty of discipline and order in the jewellery-manufacturing process. The exhibition highlights on the aesthetics of the jewellery-making process and offer a real sense of being-at-site experience that showcase how the step and step of disciplined making processes that goes into the creation of exquisite and spectacular jewelleries.

There are many different methods of working-way in Jewellery manufacturing. From traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies, the needs for the master craftsmen's hand remain the same. For example, in the field of automatic chain manufacturing, the instant judgement and adjustment by expert craftsmen are as important as always, since it is difficult to keep precious metals in the same condition at all times. Only by employing the strictest in-process inspection can a good stable quality chain be made. In the site of jewelry manufacturing, there are no material (ingots) to be discarded. A short length of chain scraps, the remaining metal plates after press-cutting, and goods that failed to pass the in-process inspection will be carefully collected and melted down to form usable material for manufacturing again. Jewellery manufacturing is a very precise and sustainable industry that were unlike any other.

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to get a glimpse on the orderly production process and manufacturing cycle (sustainability) of the Jewellery manufacturing. In additional, new designs will be presented in the four fields of "Art," "Craftsmanship," "Engineering," and "Material. With these approach of the new way for expression, Kuwayama presents new collections that open up the potential of Jewellery design.

With the vision of "stimulating creativity in making and nurturing imagination in using," we hope you will take note of this exhibition, which looks to the future of the Jewellery industry.

▼ Company Information

Ever since its founding in 1964, while placing the first priority on trust from customers, we at Kuwayama have been engaging in planning and manufacturing of jewellery products under our credo "Brilliance Comes to Life".

Kuwayama is a general jewellery manufacturer engaging in a wide spectrum of business operations, ranging from manufacturing of products including jewellery chains, CNC rings, cast products and specially-designed chains, to supply of jewellery materials such as pearls and diamonds.

In addition to Kuwayama's original products, Kuwayama also manufactures ODM/OEM products for a number of jewellery brands both domestic and overseas, by utilizing its unique technologies and global production system. Through its fully integrated business operations from planning & design, manufacturing, to marketing & sales, Kuwayama always pursues "Kuwayama quality" to provide solid values that meet customers' expectations.

▼ Background of New Initiatives

We have once again taken a close look at our corporate philosophy; "Connecting Hearts and Dreams with Brilliance", and have established a new vision to embody this philosophy in which we have held since our founding. As a comprehensive Jewellery manufacturer, together with all those who have been involved with us, we hope to further develop the industry by conveying all the possibilities of Jewellery making. With manufacturing as our fundamental principle, we embody "Brilliance Comes To Life" by being a company that dedicate on delivery brilliance and happiness to people's lives.

▼ About IJT (International Jewellery Tokyo)

IJT (also known as International Jewellery Tokyo) is an annual trade show held in Tokyo for the purpose of business negotiations for the Jewellery industry. It is the largest Jewellery exhibition in Japan, attracting approximately 1,600 exhibitors from 36 countries and 38,000 buyers.

Date: 11th - 14th January 2023 / 10am - 6pm (Until 5pm on the 14th)

Location: Tokyo Big Sight. 3 Chome-11-1 Ariake, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063

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