• April 1964

    Entered the precious metals business under the name of Kuwayama Chain, founded by Yukihiro Kuwayama in Sumida-ku, Tokyo

  • April 1970

    Established as Kuwayama Metal Chain Co., Ltd in Sumida-ku, Tokyo
    Established Uozu factory (later changed the name to Technical Center, then transferred the operation to Toyama factory in February, 2000)

  • September 1973

    Transferred the head office to Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • April 1976

    Established Miyazu factory (the current Toyama factory) in Uozu-city, Toyama

  • August 1986

    Changed the company name to Kuwayama Precious Metal Co., Ltd.
    Built a new head office in Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • April 1987

    Opened Kofu sales office in Kofu-city, Yamanashi (changed the status to Kofu branch in March 1994)

  • March 1992

    Increased capital to 352 million yen

  • April 1992

    Absorbed five subsidiary companies
    Opened Osaka sales office (changed the status to Osaka branch in March 1994) and Fukuoka sales office (changed the status to Fukuoka branch in April 2001)

  • April 1993

    Increased capital to 747.5 million yen

  • April 1994

    Established an affiliated company, Wuxi Jinteng Jewellery Co., Ltd. in Wuxi Jiangsu, China (acquired the whole share capital in January 2005)

  • March 1995

    Registered the stock as over-the-counter securities with Japan Securities Dealers Association (currently listed on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc.)
    Increased capital to 1,341.5 million yen

  • April 1995

    Established Kuwayama Europe N.V. in Antwerp, Belgium

  • November 1995

    Increased capital to 2,952.7 million yen

  • March 1997

    Increased capital to 3,013.52 million yen

  • December 1997

    Acquired the management rights of Christy Gem Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand to expand the manufacturing capacity for jewelry
    Established KUWAYAMA HONG KONG CO.,LTD. in Hong Kong

  • August 2000

    Changed the company name to "Kuwayama Corporation"

  • September 2004

    Acquired the whole share capital of NJ Corporation, a jewelry wholesaler, to enhance the product planning and sales force

  • April 2007

    Established Brilliance International Japan Ltd. to enhance the event sales business

  • May 2008

    Established K.C.D Corporation
    Acquired the stock of Clair Co., Ltd.

  • September 2015

    Established Kuwayama Jewellery Guangzhou Corporation in Panyu, Guangzhou City to enhance the production capacity for the Chinese market.

  • January 2016

    Established HAKKO International Corporation as a wholly owned subsidary of NJ Corporation to expand the sales especially in the western market in Japan.

  • January 2018

    Reorganized "Kuwayama Hong Kong subsidiary" into 'Kuwayama International' with head office function.

  • December 2018

    Sanyo Co., Ltd. completes TOB (currently delisted on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc.)

  • January 2020

    Merges NJ Corporation and HAKKO International Corporation. The operation continues under the NJ Corporation name.

  • July 2020

    Due to a structural change in the international diamond industry, KUWAYAMA EUROPE N.V. finished its function and closed.